School Supplies

Throughout the year, we work to provide all students with the necessary materials needed to succeed at school, and we are able to do so through being fiscally responsible, and through generous donations from parents and various organizations. The following is a list of items used throughout the school on a regular basis that help build the foundations for success.

Composition Notebooks and Spiral Notebooks

  • K-3 use wide rule
  • 4-8 use college rule
  • #2 Pencils

    Blue and Black Pens

    Copy Paper (White and Various Colors)


  • Sometimes the students find the tissues provided rough on their noses.
  • Crayons

    Colored Pencils

    Markers (washable)

    Dry Erase Markers (various colors)

    Children Scissors

    White School Glue

    Glue Sticks

    2-Pocket Folders


    Three-Ring Binders

    4-Square Balls

    • Sometimes called/labeled Kick Balls, 4-Square Balls are balls that EVERY grade-level uses before school, during recess and at after school PEER.  K-8 students play together and learn how to positively interact with each other playing the game.  It might even be bigger than soccer at Lowell…