Lowell F.C. relies on various sponsors to help make the club a success.  The following are organizations that are helping us build and sustain Lowell F.C.

Sponsors can give in a variety of ways.  The greatest way an individual can help is to help coach.  The time given to coach soccer and mentor students is the most valuable piece of a child’s development.  Please, consider giving to the team by:

  • Volunteering to coach a team.  See the Organization Structure to see where you could fit in!  Please call 602-257-3902 or email lowellfutbol@gmail.com to find out more about volunteering.
  • Tax Credit Donation – You can contribute to the After School Sports Program through the Arizona School Tax Credit program.  A single person can donate up to $200 and a married couple can donate up to $400.  And, you can donate to both a public and private school for the full amounts!  Please, contact your tax advisor to find out all of the details.
  • Donate to the Lowell School PTO.  The PTO is acting and the governing body for Lowell FC, and they can receive donations on behalf of the soccer program.
  • Phoenix One Foundation – This is a 501(c)(3) organization, and you can donate to this foundation indicating that you want your money to go to support Lowell FC.

X-Treme Apparel works closely with the Lowell and Lowell FC staff in order to provide quality products and art work.  The X-Treme staff provides all artwork for free, screen costs, and everything is provided at cost.  We appreciate their commitment to providing the highest quality work at an extremely affordable price.

The Arizona Sports Complex will be providing the 6th, 7th and 8th Grade travel teams with a Lowell FC jersey.  With the new jerseys, Lowell FC will be represented in style against other club teams around the valley.  We appreciate your support of our students and programs!

The Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) have provide much support in gaining momentum for the Lowell FC program, and they are currently working with Lowell FC on player and coach development.  There mission is truly to “foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of the state of Arizona’s youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition.”

Glendale based Heart for the City works to “[reach] inner city youth with a positive message of hope and love.”  At Lowell School they participate in many activities throughout the year.  They run a tackle football league for Lowell, Bethune and Dunbar students; and most recently, they are working to help us develop Lowell FC through volunteer coaches and mentoring.

Mr. Craig Ross has donated his time and experience as the team photographer.  He donates his time and charges parents the cost of printing for photos.  We appreciate all of the time he spends at Lowell supporting our students and programs.

Mr. Jesse Cadena from Tuzos Soccer Club and Futbolito has worked closely with the Lowell FC Director of Soccer to ensure the 678 Games are played against quality club teams to give the Lowell FC players a good understanding of the bigger picture.  Soccer is much more competitive outside of the Phoenix Elementary School District and Lowell Elementary School.  We appreciate all of his help!