Help Lowell School Start the First 4-H club in Phoenix #1

Lowell 4h TC
4-H is a national club that promotes “learning by doing.” Students participate in activities focusing on health, science, agriculture, and citizenship. At Lowell School, students will participate in photography, painting, and other arts, as well as (removed comma) care for an edible garden, rabbits, and chickens. Students will be able to take the skills they learn from 4-H activities and enter into county and state fair competitions. This club is brand new to Lowell and is completely funded by tax credit donations! It costs $25 per student to participate. Please consider making a donation to help 4-H have as many students possible participate during the first year!

The goal of this club is to supplement science curriculum outside of the classroom with meaningful hands on experiences.

Value to Students
Students will learn empathy, responsibility, and team work through the 4-H club. They will also foster relationships with peers while working towards a common goal. 4-H members will understand the value of working towards a goal and displaying their work at the county or state level.