STC and Lowell Partners in Education

June 1, 2018

The University of Arizona’s Pharmacy Camp consisting of Lowell students was able to visit the staff at Scientific Technologies Corporation to learn about how STC supports the private and public sectors in tracking immunizations. Pharmacists at establishments such as Walgreens rely on STC’s programs to eliminate paperwork and make the record keeping more efficient.

Individuals showed how they developed programs through coding, how they analyzed real-time data, developed podcasts, and have grown over time providing services to existing customers and marketing to gain new customers. All were able to see how the various different departments work together to build a successful company.

2017-18 STC and Lowell Partners in Education - Pharm Camp 2018

Most importantly, the students heard from the staff how they used their passions to become the professional they are today. Whether it was their love of problem solving, interacting with others or being a gamer, they have now been brought together to achieve common goals that support the health of others. The inspiration and commitment expressed through the sharing of personal stories gives the students an opportunity to reflect, which may be the spark they need to launch their career path. Without these opportunities, they will never know what they do not know.

We appreciate your time, and we look forward to the continued partnership!

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